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Safe Way Traction, located in Fort Myers, Florida is a provider of anti-slip traction tape in many colors and sizes, low profile bath and shower mats, reflective safety tape and treads, safety hazard traction tape, floor marking tape and other related products. These quality products help address safety concerns both in the home and work environments.

Whether your need is replacing the non slip tape on your stairs or ramp, marking hazard areas in your work place, or preventing slips and falls in wet environments, our line of products can help keep you "on the path of safety." Find Safe Way Traction products on Amazon

Black Abrasive Tape

80 Grit Abrasive Anti Slip Tape - "sandpaper type" grit tape used in most general purpose applications

Black Abrasive Tape

Conformable Abrasive Anti Slip Tape -"foil backed type" 60 grit tape designed for applications that require adhesion to irregular surfaces


Reflective Stripe Tape

High Visibility Step Treads - precut stair tread made with abrasive anti slip surface with an additional safety feature of glow or reflective stripe

Resilient Tape

Resilient Non Slip Tape - rubberized textured tape comfortable for even bare feet, easily cleaned and mop-friendly

Flex Track 4100

Bath Tub & Shower Mats - fine-grade textured and foot- friendly vinyl that is self-adhesive and used in/for wet areas

3360 Series

Safety Hazard Traction Tape - abrasive black and yellow tape used when visual warning is required


Glo Brite Stripe Tape

Fiberglass Anti Slip Step Covers -step covers and walkways provide slip resistance and durability on surfaces such as inclines, floors and steps.

Bold Step Treads

Aluminum Stair Treads & Nosings -indoor / outdoor aluminum stair treads for stair safety and renovation projects.


Glo Brite

Extreme Adhesive Anti Slip Tape - "extreme adhesive anti slip tape for those demanding applications where safety is a must.

Amazon Product Spotlight

Master Stop Glow Stripe Treads


Amazon Product Spotlight

3M Reflective DOT Tape



3M 983 Series

Reflective Safety Marking Tape - draw visual attention to areas to enhance safety

Glo Brite

Glow In The Dark Safety Tapes - photoluminescent safety marking tapes designed to mark paths of egress during emergency evacuation and power outages

Jessup Glow

Glow In The Dark Anti Slip Tapes - photoluminescent abrasive floor and safety marking tapes designed to prevent slips and falls during emergency evacuation and power outages

 Orange Abrasive Tape

Abrasive Anti Slip Tape in Colors - "sandpaper type" grit tape used in most general purpose applications

Armadillo Tape

Floor Marking Tape -floor marking tapes for areas of hazard in work or industrial environments

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