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The Flex Track® 4100 Bath Mats and rolls are self adhesive (peel and stick) and have been engineered for foot-friendly, no-slip protection in showers, bathtubs and bathing areas. Bath tub safety tape. Apply to smooth surfaces only and avoid all grout lines. Flex Tack is a fine grade textured non slip tape. Manufacturer Info

When it comes to safety applying adhesive non slip tape in the bath tub or shower area can help prevent slips and falls. These tapes come in a variety of sizes and fit most applications for tubs and showers. The Flex Track 4100 is also excellent for exercise and gym equipment.

  • Non Abrasive embossed PVC

  • Bare foot and mop friendly surface

  • Engineered adhesive system

  • Desinged for indoor wet applications

  • Easy to Clean

Installation Information

Apply to a smooth surface only and avoid all grout areas.


Before you begin, your tub/shower must be completely clean of all soap residue and thoroughly dry. Clean tub/shower with a biodegradable cleaner. Cleaning solutions containing silicone or products that leave a residue or coating, including powdered cleaners, must be avoided.  


1)   Clean hands thoroughly. Then using your fingertips, peel back one to two inches of the paper backing along the edge of your mat to be placed closest to the drain. Slightly crease the paper, try to avoid touching the adhesive backing.


2)   Adhere the exposed adhesive end of your mat. With the exposed section in place, reach under the mat and gently peel the creased paper backing slowly off, while you continue to carefully and firmly rub over the entire surface of the mat from the middle out. Be sure all edges are properly adhered to the tub/shower surface.

Use of a hand or rubber roller will aid in the adhesion of the mat.


Bath Mat Sizes: 16" x 34" & 16" x 40"
Shower Mat Size 24" x 24"
Roll Sizes: 1", 2" & 18"


The 16" x 34" Mat is on sale through March 22nd.

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16" x 40" Mat with Drain Cut Out


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